How T.D.O.T. started and where we are now

T.D.O.T. The Dancers of Toronto

T.D.O.T. Founder/Artistic Director Nikki Johnson had been dancing for over 20 years. After sustaining a severe knee injury she took a step back from being a dancer and tried to figure out her next move. While in Vancouver on a promo model contract during the 2010 Olympics she really needed to figure out what she wanted to do next. Knowing she didn’t want to leave the Dance and Entertainment world completely she started to think about different ideas related to dance and that is when she thought of the word TDOT  a name that has become popularized by fellow Torontonians as a short form for Toronto. She soon realized it was the perfect acronym for The Dancers of Toronto. And that is where it started….

On Jan 24th 2011 she finally decided to use the name and created the T.D.O.T. Blog which was started to Recognize, Showcase and Nurture the Dancers and Choreographers of Toronto. Every week  a new Dancer and or Choreographer was showcased through an in depth profile and questionnaire. The blog started to get a lot of traction and recognition with dancers and Dance lovers. In the summer of 2011 Nikki was contacted by a producer at Slice TV who had found the blog and was in desperate need of 2 Dancers for a segment on one of their wedding shows. Being a Dancer herself and having connections to Dancers of all genres she was able to fulfill the producers request within a short period of time. A lightbulb went off and she realized there was a niche market for this, people needed Dancers but didn’t always know where to look and she was here to bridge that gap…

In 2012 Nikki  pitched her business idea for T.D.O.T.  to the Government and Ontario board of Universities and Colleges and was accepted into the Ontario Self Employment Benefit program where she completed their extensive Entrepreneurial program and was able to receive funding for a year to focus on building T.D.O.T.

Fast forward to 2016 Nikki has been able to provide several Dancers with paying jobs in Film, Television, Live shows and more. While working closely with producers, directors and artists to make their visions come to life with some of the Toronto Dance industries leading Dancers and Choreographers. The blog has featured over 100 Dancers and Choreographers to date.

With her background in Dance and her new found skills for business Nikki is able to understand all the aspects going into any Entertainment project that comes her way. Always going above and beyond to make sure her clients needs are met and that the Dancers and Choreographers are treated fairly and given great opportunities to do what they love and get paid for it.

Having a vast network of Dancers and Choreographers which is not limited to 1 style of dance or age group T.D.O.T. is able to provide clients exactly what they need to enhance any project or job.

The blog is still running featuring new Dancers/Choreographers every month, The T.D.O.T. Shop was live online as of 2015 which has dance inspired graphic tees, hoodies, mugs, stickers etc. As well as Nikki’s personal artist clothing collection called Creative Hustler which was live online as of Summer 2016.

The T.D.O.T. Center is scheduled to open in Spring 2018 housing specialty classes, studio and office space for dancers and choreographers and so much more. Stay Tuned!

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